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Moving Tips for your local move

Our Moving Tips will save you money on your local move.

Our Moving Tips for local moving are designed to make your packing job easier. The most important thing you can do is Pack, Pack, Pack to insure a “stress free move”.

Moving Tip #1–Don’t wait until the last week to pack. Start packing all those things that you know that you won’t be needing in the coming weeks. The last place people start is the Garage and that is where you should start.

pack for local move
Moving Tips

Start in the room or place that has accumulated the most amount of things you don’t need right away? Get those out of the way first.


Moving Tip #2 – Save money on your move by having your garage sale before you move. This may sound obvious but you would be surprised at the number of people who say, “After we move we are having a garage sale.” If you don’t want it then get rid of it before you move. Don’t pay us to move someone else’s treasures.

Moving Tip #3 – Don’t get your boxes at the Grocery Store or the Liquor Store.

You may be saving money picking up free boxes at your local grocery store but you may be losing money in the long run. Ideally, we want to move standard sized boxes to make the job easier.

Many people collect every imaginable sized box. It is recommended to use standard sized boxes with lids or that can be taped shut.

Why? Odd sized boxes do not stack well in the moving truck and require multiple handling adding to the cost of your move. Standard sized boxes stack neatly and cleanly speeding up your move.

Also, boxes that are used for produce and fruit are often hiding places for creepy crawlers that you don’t want in your house or your clothes.

Moving Tip #4 – Where Should I get boxes?

There are a variety of places to get moving boxes. Free are the best. You may have a neighbor or co-worker (also an excellent source for a first hand referral) moving and they probably want to get rid of their boxes. You can put an ad on Craig’s List and maybe pick up a variety of boxes. Other options are storage facilities and U-haul.

Moving Tip #5 – Use Heavy Duty Plastic Bags to save Time and Money

This is an inexpensive way to move pillows, blankets, and bedspreads. They are good for children’s toys and anything that is not too heavy and not breakable. They also fit neatly into those nooks and crannies when packing the truck helping to secure your load. The more you pack the quicker your move.

Moving Tip #6 – Packing Large Artwork

U-Haul sells a variety of sizes of boxes for pictures, mirrors, and art work. These boxes are expensive. If you have a card board box manufacturer or a moving supply store get 4 ft by 8 ft sheets of card board. These large sheets can be cut to size saving lots of money. You can fold them to get them in your car, in many cases. Sometimes, if your order is large enough, you can get Free Delivery from a local supplier. Boxed artwork, pictures, and mirrors are easier to handle and take less time to move therefore saving money on your move. We blanket wrap large pieces and mirrors.

Moving Tip #7- Pack items in Dressers and Nightstands.

If you are moving to and from a first floor, it isn’t necessary to remove everything from dresser drawers and night stands. They are just big boxes to us.

Remove loose items, jewelry and other unsecured items because we may turn your dresser on its end. Secure partially filled drawers with towels and sheets to make sure your things do not move around. This method saves both you and our men time which in turn saves you money.

Moving Tip #8 – Pack electronic remote controls and medicines where you can find them.

Pack your remotes and medicines in Shoe Boxes and place them in the car before you move.

Prior to Moving Day- the more you do to prepare the faster your Move.

Disassemble as much as possible before moving day.

Remove lamp shades and stack them in a large box, if possible.

Disassemble beds by removing headboards and breakdown bed frames.

Remove mirrors from dressers and place screws in plastic bags.

Electronics Before you disconnect anything take a picture of your electronic connections before you start pulling connectors.

Unplug and remove electronic equipment from TVs and stereo equipment.


WARNING: Today we are seeing an increasing amount of kit built furniture. This type of furniture is usually not designed to be moved after it is built. Bookcases and other types of shelves are held together by flimsy, thin cardboard. It often falls apart during the move.