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Moving Rates – Local Sarasota/Bradenton

Local Moving Rates

Local moving rate, Phil the MOVER sends 2 men at a rate of $100.00 per hour. We also charge a 1 hour Travel/Gas fee. The Travel/Gas fee is $100.00. Your time starts when the men get to your home and get started, and runs through until they are finished at your new place and then we add the Travel/Gas fee.  Our moving rates are simple and straightforward.rate-change

Your local move is based strictly on the time + the 1 hour Travel/Gas fee, charged in 15 minute increments.  We also have $10.00 supply fee added to most moving jobs.  The fee covers the use of blankets,straps, shrink wrap, tape, etc.  This additional moving rate is crucial for the safety of your furniture.
For Example:
If your move takes 3 hours from the time the men arrive at your home until they finish at the new location, you will be charged 3 hours at $100.00 or $300.00 plus 1 hour Travel/Gas fee ($100.00) for a total of $400.00.
Estimates based on the average moves are as follows:

1 Bedroom Home
(1 Bedroom, 1 Dining Room, 1 Living Room, ± 20 Boxes) Estimate: 3 to 4 Hours + Travel/Gas Fee

2 Bedroom Home

(2 Bedrooms, 1 Dining Room, 1 Living Room, ± 40 Boxes) Estimate: 4 to 5 Hours + Travel/Gas Fee

3 Bedroom Home

(3 Bedrooms, 1 Dining Room, 1 Living Room, ± 60 – 80 Boxes) Estimate: 7 to 8 Hours + Travel/Gas Fee

Packing jobs are done the day before the move and are charged at the same hourly rate. All packing materials are charged to the customer and are not returnable.

(*All estimates are based on 1st floor to 1 floor moves)

Phil the MOVER is licensed by Sarasota County and the State of Florida (IM1748). We carry $50,000.00 Cargo policies through Mercury Insurers. As of August, 2002, all Florida Movers are required to register with the State of Florida and display an IM registration number