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A Memorable Move – The Cat’s Meow

Moving Pets???

We have moved thousands of people over the years and some moves just can’t be forgotten. Not because they were good or bad: but because sometimes they were funny and sometimes they were sad, but always memorable.

Several years ago Jackie came home from USF where she was in the Teaching Program. Lord only knows why she didn’t want to be a mover. She said, “A girl in my class knows you and said you moved her and you would never forget her. I quickly thought, “We haven’t moved many teenagers lately, if ever,” so there was nothing that came to mind.

moving pets
Phil the Mover – Buster

I told her, “There are many people who know me but it is rather doubtful that we moved one of your little college friends. I would remember that” “Oh,” Jackie said, “She isn’t my age – she is your age and she is my friend at school and she said you moved her cat.”

I had only moved one cat but that was many, many years ago. We were moving a 3 bedroom house in Bradenton and they said, “Make sure you don’t let the cat out.”

“We were very careful and closed the door every time we went in or out. It was a real pain in the butt.” When the truck was all loaded and the house was empty the cat was gone. We were accused of letting the “cat out of the bag,” so to speak, and they made us look all over the neighborhood, but there was no cat to be found.

We finally gave up the search and got into the truck to move them to Braden River Court. It was a large two story with a pool house in the back. We had unloaded most of the furniture and had only a few pieces left for their oldest daughter who was going to live in the Pool House.

Her sleeper sofa was going to double as a sofa and a bed. The customer asked us to open the sofa bed to make sure it fit okay. I pulled the strap on the handle and began to open the bed. Just then the Tabby Cat jumped out of the sofa where it had been hiding all day and landed on my shoulder with a terrifying screech and then she ran out the door.

Everybody got a laugh out of it and I still have the claw marks on my shoulder. The next time we move a cat I hope it is in a Cat Carrier not in a sofa bed.

Another Memorable move by Phil the Mover. Next time: The Tales of Jo Carless.